Fragments of the Universe


r-ember when this solar system was knee high to the universe

till we got too big for our border patrols

and invented fission

stop me if you’ve heard how this ends

nothing more enlightening then a sarcastic

nothing more bracing then I told you so

easy when you don’t have to do anything

about it

so yeah it’s a mess

guess the goose is cooked

i was hoping for a couple more decades

but it wasn’t in the deck

i asked for the Bahavad Gita

and you served me a gila monster

stumbling along

one day a king

the next a pawn

the age of reason

gone like a cough and sneeze

in these treasonable times

I swear once i get over this flu

I’m coming for you Descartes

all your ridiculous pretenses

a white hot cinder on a powder keg

meanwhile my best friend and his sister

have both declared their love for Emily Dickinson

she’s kind a fragile

really kinda unavailable

that’s the fun of it, too

you might as well make a date with Horus Greenly

it’s a sentiment for words

check out Chekov

or his twin Nabokov

dining on this kabob

along he river things a Bob sled

I don’t like candy

i don’t like cake

i don’t like the sound of musical concrete

I’m lousy at it

not to keen to share

a common thing you don’t like too much

said jupiter to Saturn

I got loving on my mind

she replied

a constant 40 cycle hum

we never hear it

or any religion

that don’t sound like ours

not much for murder

not an expert at mayhem

unless you count the the 405 at 5 pm

what if God was a movie reviewer

when you died your life would be put up

for all to see

if no one watched it you’d simply disappear

-all this drama and only one lousy star!

no-one in heaven going see that one

no-body paying attention in Hell