dad ran away with Rosie the robot maid

she used to be a vacuum

till she got an upgrade

mom got suspicious when

our power bills went through the roof

she tried cut our gaming time

that didn’t do it

as for dad

10 minutes after dinner he’d be

asleep in his chair

we tried to get him going

but he wasn’t going anywhere

just last week mom took us to the La Brea Tar Pits

to see the 1st woman the paleontologists named Alice

when we got back the lights were left on

but nobody was home

that’s when we found the note

well as these things come to pass it didn’t last

last night he came back with his cord between his legs

he looked pretty beat up

slept on the couch about 6 months

Butch our Basset hound didn’t like it cause he snores

I don’t know what happened to Rosie

but now I’m stuck doing her chores

the doorbell rang late last night

opened it and there on the porch

was a cute little bot in a basket

has dad’s brown eyes and a IEC plug in socket

mom looked at me and said don’t get me started