Ok so I played along -for awhile

with your -isms and absolute formulae of when it is if it’s not

kicking sand in the crowded playpen with the the rest of your little loud nothings

we could start there but maybe no


I find

40 bags of grandma

in your basement freezer

gotta be a publisher’s dream

featuring the vast fertile wonderland of psy-chop-a-thy

your selfish vanity of addiction

drowning down my sense of humor

ah for a case of blessed amnesia

thought I knew something for a minute there

anyway we spray painted the monitor screen

broke off the volume knob

did the 1st thing we could imagine

before falling exhausted back into

the usual gun run and satire robotic programming parade

right up to that asteroid entrance

so all in all it was a good day

out there melting snow with a blowtorch

you got your headphones blasting the Benedictine Blues

when the hyphens riot it’s the end of the line Messer Robespierre

jotting down another name for AKA

your crossword puzzle nervously zig zagging at the bottom of the birdcage

don’t sing ‘It’s The Rainbow’s End’ to your leprechaun landlord

if you want that lock changed

phony baloney -nobody believes it

shake and wake with nothing to wear

not that we cared

it’s a love-quake sunburn