cool comfort in Kentucky

plaid polar bear grunting at the table set for three

Mrs. May consoles the Czar’s daughter with

that cheerful refreshing lift of spirit wonder

her practical beauty where artichokes roam

blue-label lambs single file along fenceposts

aching muscles a collection of sneezes to the tune of 1.5 million

long nights under a summery month of leisure

a verdict falls to the teenagers aboard the 1st missile north

when delegates gather there’s Baltimore in the air

the national purpose since 1776 -no wonder you’re sleepy

crystal by candlelight the classic gambit to a lucky electric minuet

Garbo hats and 30s throwbacks at the beach elasticized on the side

with additives for any climate and the tide is rising

some origami parade slows down along the way to influx the voting

You gotta see

You gotta be

Religiously tiding up history

to fit the new improved you and me

Augusta -the sullen thunder down around her neckless

Can you ever

would you ever

those modern potentials are busy

scraping off the mud ’n crud from yesterday’s relievers

till they’re clean, surgically belief free

just like the new you and me

Paloma street a bench on the boardwalk for four

eyes cast down but should they find you

beneath a desperate elm

you’ll mortgage all your tomorrow’s for

that sentimental shipwreck

her decks heave and roll till she bucks you off among the clouds

surrounded by flames

it’s Christmas everywhere in the galaxy

‘cept here