I Wish I Missed You

our midnight replay

the taste of it

startling touch again

flowered fabric fans in full view

of the kingdom of none of their business

laid bare in paradise or Broadway

flooded the west bank with


fits of divine

blue shoe soul shots

on your get up and go

something comes over me


I wish I

missed you

‘cause the idea

of you

is easy

for another chance

invisible to light


films like little looks you shoot

stranded and trying to get back

to the one you want

never being ready

too distracted to be still

you rush right by

carried away  

for a branch to grab

ok so I let some years get away

it’s not like I couldn’t tell

not chasing

their version

well let’s do something anyway

something we can do something about

you sound like a busted radio

on a night

it’s too quiet to listen