a story stronger then the teller

how the harvest moon hid the sun

under it’s coat

held it for ransom

till the dark freezing earth

ponied up

in tides and Sundays

after the negotiations

they made the exchange

just west of Jupiter

south of the Milky-Way

later it was discovered the moon didn’t act alone

it was in cahoots with the ocean

you can’t hold on to what you can’t see

you can’t become

what you’ll never be

days and nights leave no leisure

if you are chasing ghosts through the bamboo trees

no king can pause life’s chariot for more than a moment

with mere bullion and white jade trivialities

let's drink the North Sea out of flagons

sit cross-legged on South Mountains

sing loud and long

to the low lilt of flutes

bestowing gifts of tattoo’d gold

spun from the sly smiles

of sing-song girls

this is life at it’s best

why struggle to fathom the way

of creation’s master

I’ve kept your hungry secret

now I’ll serve this summer night

on a plate of stars

I know nothing of forever

just the now

and the never