Earth & Sky  

stalking through the city at night

naked in the forest at dawn

you lingered with me for a while

now time’s gone suddenly slow  

a small crow on a bare tree

across the ocean

though the southern mountains

I gathered up the earth and sky

if they are not enough to please you

I’ll stand the clouds still

if they won’t reveal you

I’ll look among the stars and the moon

summer silks and paulownia

a white sky of frozen rain

opal ladies bathing in the river

a song-girl plays her harp

in the summer palace

of shattered jade

lotuses weep dew

a white phoenix struts along the ledge

of the emperor’s eternal pool

before the twelve gates of the city

night melts into day

autumn forming from the song the sky plays

if the earth and sky won’t reveal you

I’ll search among the stars and the moon