Hey Bill Haley          

one sage meditating  

on the rock

till two, three 4 5 6  o’clock

his 7 incense sticks stuck in the snow

8 of his students

don’t want to know

drinking, dancing

one wonders why

they form a circle

around the sundial

Hey Bill Haley

arches hung with a coarse brocade

comet tails of scarlet wool

the summer light fades

the palace woods

the king is sober still

he rolls the ring ‘round his finger

one, two, three times

the red dragon's eyes divined

what the 8 prophesied

auspicious clouds

coiled in the heavens

poised to strike


mighty banners

five fathoms long

battered the double gates

three more times the king rolls his ring

then makes his haste

the planetarium is blind tonight

no stars visible in the sky

Hey Bill Haley