Li He You & Me     

I heard you

talking in your sleep

you were



naming the places

and faces

you’ve seen

a cluster of emeralds

heaven’s bells ringing

the Great River's  

spirits trail their mist

migrating to where

your soul is

the Jade Princess has been gone

a thousand years

amid lilac and bamboo

her ancient shrine spun

too close to the moon

pepper flowers shed scarlet petals

among drenching clouds

in a bitter wind

your lessons and transgressions

rain down on me


I’ve learned to lie

to tell you what

when and why

you won’t leave


you won’t leave alone

you hijack

a shooting star

inherit the sun

there’s no use for a name

no use for no

for you there is only yes


you sing out of key


you play out of time

on barbwire strings


I’ve seen the magic in you