autumn winds blow over the earth

green grasses die

daylight becomes a sapphire shadow

in the chill of dusk’s dimming light

I have reached out and gone



a fading orchid in my heart

a dull ache in my weary bones

clothes like the feathers of a flying quail

horse a hunting hound

dismounting at a tavern I shed

my fall riding gown

deep in there I called on heaven

though no clouds rolled down

the white day stretched a thousand leagues

left me sulking

as it is so often with me

with regrets reborn

no relief


sharp as a quill

quick as a blade

tearing through this life I’ve made

once you urged me to repair

my body and my soul

but I couldn’t keep quiet

couldn’t keep still

I wanted what I hadn’t

I wanted till I’m spent my fill

you told me the way

I heard you too late

once I had turned away

I could not turn back

I let my desires

override my today