sometimes I can’t hear what I see

even with your banquet bouquet arrayed in front of me

a hundred and one or two nights


to your black & gold trimmed sheets

we got back to the garden and then

turned out Adam and Eve

(for crackers and snoring respectively)  

well you've got it made

now you got someone else to blame

your tired and your poor reasons

campaign along the beach

living out loud

sometimes you act like you still believe them

wall to wall -I can’t remember it all

the rise and fall love’s roulette

falling in and out of bed

then falling back in again

easy keeper

your short obsidian hair

Cleopatra sandals

unbuttoned cotton shirt dare

an off-hand remark

a spark

that and the rest

at the Paris Meteor Café

gossiping with your ghost

tucked in to sunny side blessings

and toast


between Heaven & Bakersfield

there’s a honky-tonk heart and a morning of

dusty sunrise surprise you ’n me ’n

nothing but time

smiling like you were wearing

someone else’s


the space between a definite maybe and a considered yes

a 2nd chance and a 2nd guess