A face in the crowd

The courier

Shows a photo of his pets

Gets a finger print

He configures his phone

Sets up to meet her later

Plan b

She recovers the phone

It's the wife

The daughter goes after

The blonde with the waves

And a fireplug

with the jingle bell express

There's a Bettie Page flight attendant

Chocolate chip cookies

A 5foot9 blonde dye dude

with a tight v-neck knit

and pale blue jeans

He's the Hatchet man

and the nose too

Younger woman counterpart

Mother son smuggler

She's a 60s bird face bait

Him, all tall thin fingered


A face in the crowd


It's something Winston Churchill said

Obsolete angels


The hummingbird homicides

Hearts of desire

In the palm trees

Mysteries from time to time

Tommy two time



Beneath the ernest

Vinny the clown

the artist


Green razor pointers

Still working on yesterday

Australia you want a drag of my cigarette

Or die trying

The talk is of holding tanks

Yes maybe no so

Paradise isn't enough

Don't rub it in


The soul of a philosopher

The Venice Allstars

It's the love of a lifetime

Those super sports

Circling the drain


Red dog

Can't do wrong right

Sunny inside

Question your information

Suspend belief

What's the dose?

The San Antonio shuffle

Venice by the Sea

Carroll Shelby died for your sins

You don't want no trouble

Hopabilly, bopabilly

Bebop baby

I'll get over it but not right now

At the Cuda Studios

The girl with the tattoo all across her face said she was in love with the Dr.

It's hard time kids

Hard time trouble

She liked the cut of my trousers

Like kissing a leopard, exciting


My Caribbean Princess how could you be so wrong? 

She looks alright but you can't fix what's inside

It's not the drugs Sidney

Falling, falling from the ocean

When they all fell in the ocean in California I felt so sad that I bought some oceanfront property in Nevada

But I'm not there not yet

If there's something I don't say you can read me anyway

The delusions

Living the dream

He was looking for an honest man

Age appropriate

Sleeping in my car

Power ballad

There's sleep walking blues


And a three chord Johnny on the sidewalk

That impossible happens every day

'Cause everybody's got a rock-and-roll uncle

She was so pleasing when she was dreaming

Looking for love at the scene of the crime

You can call it what you want

Solar surfer

Friday, I got money in my happy hands


This kind of weather is good for my bones I don't feel any pain

I went to the race track with Gwen, she put on her jewels

then she put them on the line while

on the grandstand the queen was throwing pearls before swine

Gracious hearts

Trouble on the phone

Trouble in your mind some trouble on the side

There's trouble behind the wheel

Those would be Saints

This changes everything

The chrome heart of madness

I couldn't steal your heart so I stole your car instead

Two months in LA parking cars working on a screen play

You left your motor running and the keys inside

I couldn't steal your heart so I stole your ride

Looking back on tomorrow

Looking forward to the past


Spilt chip & peel

Hello gorgeous

That's OK

The tension in Jacksonville

Tattoo lullaby

I'd rather be homeless then heartless

Mansions of despair

Pull out of me

And your little dog too

Daddy's little jewel

You stupid crazy fuck

It's the world

voices in your head

Too good to be you

And grandma is cool she's got a tattoo too but hers is just a blop of red

and blue

I met her in the coffee shop where I was playing my pretty songs she was behind the counter

With invisible ink

Yes I got a new tattoo

Mahatma Salami

Do they know where the shuffle is?

I try to get away but you pulled me back in

Tainted love

Radiation on my soul

You're a cold, cold mess

You blessed with your sins

Love is where you find it

Embrace the chaos

I don't know where I've been I'm just happy I am