a slow tide

just try to get out of the way

I was thinking it was heaven

but it's better then that

I spent the week remembering the look you gave

it was never like this, not ever

there is

that       moment

the shiver of old souls

you know you're dreaming —so

you keep your eyes closed

comfortable in your well-traveled body

& light-water hair

my fault on a dare

—who blames them that can

& do

today we move the sky

bringing breakfast

with a sprig of soul

your circle of friends

it was hard to know

where one starts and one ends

you & my shadow

coming out of the rain

somewhere between

Nevada and San Francisco

Brahms lullaby


behind the counter




under cotton

eden in your shoes

we're table-mates for strawberries in season

captive dancer

on the edge of the world

what to say?

I can't change —it

or ever get us right


the letters the bills the lists to do

it's the birth of the blues

it was just exactly what i asked you

for night of no return

the shudder down our backs &

no-one to answer the phone

I can't turn away

from us

guilty as sin

for each night

we dreamed in glowing ash