someplace so far from where

                           I imagined

down a whirlpool

around my better judgment

along a slim chance

testing the grave

her little lamb

made the children laugh and play

vagabond angel

Hesperian dream —I was


unlikely to

meet a

distraction, worse for the wear &

flying low

something i had to do

that sounded suspiciously

like nothing

the otherwise

& everlasting

uncertainty of

flying   —she started to say something

If I was then how I am now

If this was then

And then was now

let me explain…

If she knew when

how I know now


we were slipping away from

the revival

pulling up stakes on a cold


my darling high strung        —fresh

from the great speckled northern forest

whispering though trees

                        her songs of leaving

(& the respect she'd didn't get from) him


           right there on the dirty sidewalk

about love and simple heartbreak

those black & white movies

she knows better then I

she would not let me by

she took me

to her world last night

her dreams are


our daughter

half-human half-divine

in Shakesphere's verse

and Shelly time


—to sleep, to be

this morning

where we'd been sent to discover

                 the pauper's child found the Chara brooch

                 & wanders by the sea



speak softly, I had

everything i knew stuffed into a sunburst tangerine

LAngeles and

DEcember calling

DArk feather beds

solar warning

who knows the word Monet describes?