through the wall

her grand laughter

those words

Those days

toasted with holy water

pen marksmanship

too thirsty

to say


whenever you'd get up to leave

you didn't

have to go so far

for me to miss you

little things

that told me your story

where all the stains were

i saw you

then &



blur September

—low tide

in the rushes

the white crane's

hemmingway eyebrows

rain on the beach —Shell

telephone booth, calling the

past of someone you know & the

way you could dance yourself silly

a promise forgiven finally

& the milk of human kindness

on my special K

eco-ebb tide riding off the rails —it's anyone's guess

mother earth long enough for my span

more or less

for the next ones —they'll eat cake

and wash it down

with our kindness

those words

Those days