it's the way the ever-after deceives the everything-everyones


with strong simple vows and the promise of an early breakfast

served at St. Augustine's

this charity extends to the friends of planets and bodies

of heavenly you'll never

when a California fool’s gold strike

in the seventh inning stretch is found along the fault line

the consecrated’s concerted divide of heavenly favors

these to lost souls

these to believers

as it was in the beginning

is now

act as if you mean it

all this and more, the release of the magi and the holy wars


can you hear

the rumble of forgotten voices that mingle and flow up the Mississippi to Maine

spilling out into the Atlantic crossing to Biarritz where

The Contessa de Ado divides her time between her parrots and the tarot

here the bickering world may not intrude

though once in a legendary pique her folio of hand-written Debussy was sacrificed

to the fireplace

above it's mantle my portrait of you crowned in La Belle Époque black feathers

where heaven reclines and combines with

your mother’s famous eyes

while grandfather’s aquiline nose and lucent complexion vie

until an armistice is signed in swept back hair

now once around Seurat's Lake stopping to watch the boats diverge from docks of shear luck & the rope of good reason

how you calmed the nervous hansom colt with just a few soft slow words and a touch of your hand

as you do I

my pilgrimage of this one lifetime

to the patron saint of the universal sigh