Catrina To Camerons  

a dream took hold last night

this was all I could do to remember..

a nightingale and a poet from Catrina

were traveling to Camerons

the poet said to the nightingale

when we reach the village

I will best you in song

in the town square for all to hear

they began their contest

the poet sang first of heartbreak and loss

all the world’s sorrows he shook from his sleeve

till those that were gathered there

cast down their eyes

so sorely were they grieved

he said then to the small brown bird

try as though you may

you have neither instrument nor language

to express such a delicate pain

when the nightingale took it’s turn it’s song was low and sweet

the people were delighted

soothed and serene

said the people to the poet -go out from among us straightway!

while you sang of earthly things and morbid times

she gave us a kiss of hope then a glimpse of the divine

'Now, wherefore, O thou nightingale, is all thy sweetness done?'

your songs are heaven sent blessings of God’s eternal love