Tombstones & Tears

Florence is pregnant with spring and the birds can’t keep a secret

they learned of it only last night, this morning they revealed it

as to our wild company

this sordid compendium of nobilities

seeking discontent and the misfortunes of morality

-we stage a strange play on the soul’s tragedy of farce and casual romance  

ravishing the dance round the ruins

running the length of life in two ways at once

a folly of the heart

a symptom of the mind

dramatic sweeps of wisdom too fain to be true

foolish me and foolish two

they’ll have their tombstones and tears

all in good measure

for now

for us

for this while I’m yours and you are

on roads to Rome

our time will be what we decree

oh how they plague timid Psyche!

let’s let them be

them to their Nietzsche

you to me