Unique Circumstance               

all this while  

I’ve sat by the window

boistered by my pillow

Greek souls wandering in and out of the ether  

pressed with the cruelty of the world

-the treason of it!

yet braced to recall how Prometheus sinned of free will & choice

he had not however yet tasted the extent & detail of the torment

to be visited on him

the cruel rocks

the howling wind

the mad raven

the friendless desolation

he sinned against the heavens to bequeath his divine gift

to us mere mortals

fire and light

to what was given to me

I would return a hundred fold

this unlikely joy

the earth looks the brighter to me

the willow & rose trees

the sunshine besting the storm

this life

a surprising turn of the soul

a soul must improve in happiness & wisdom

except by its own fault

these tears in our eyes

these failings of the flesh

this unique circumstance

either by design or chance

to be broad awake & think of you

a savage cure well taken

strong as opium and tender as a pet

at the foot of the bed

that begs to run wild

through the Elysian Fields