Adopt the Dead

red lipstick licorice sticks

scattered all over the street

kissing couple on the corner

the nature of these things

are a delicate tease

though dying for love seems extreme


in the meantime you can always

adopt the dead

in lieu of pet

what are they going to do about it?

you can print their images royalty free

get them to say anything on a t-shirt

turn an ancient Chinese poet

into a celebrity wrestler

say Howdy to a Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh Santa

how ‘bout a ’What Would Ché Say?’ book of days

hey! Marylyn’s gone get-tow

tats ’n all

Bruce Lee spinning vinyl

that’s the shit!

there’s legally dead then there’s

who the heck is Mick Jagger?

adopt the dead

they won’t give you any trouble

though you may want to avoid seances