Be Here Now

Proust Proust Proust!

over and over and over again till I’m blunted down and raving starkly mad

I ain’t your undergraduate crush

So Lay Off

to get you back I left a copy of ‘An American Prayer’ on your side of the bed

then I thought.. maybe the Lizard King wasn’t quite enough

so I opened up my recent Vinny de Paul Thrift Shop find ‘Be Here Now’  

balanced it on the bathtub ledge

but not before using up a yellow magical marker to highlight and underline

(with double and triple exclamation points) pertinent ah-ha! passages

candles and rose pedals supplied the finishing touch

just like that movie you love so much

so all your friends in Debra Greenly’s ‘Literature on High’ class will see

yes, yes a year of The Writer’s Workshop for thee!

that’a fix you good

so yeah Proust this and Proust that

P.S. I got us a couple o’ tickets to the Hallmark Poetry Slam too!!!