Marie We Haven’t Met

driving on the wrong side of the road

her reflexes slightly hampered by

5 Auld Stag shots worth of blood alcohol level

a nasty breakup on the other end of the phone

with the sun and tears in her eyes

this would be a good time to believe in luck

in Cairo what’s good for the gander

will suit the goose too

or a jaywalking potential jailbird outside the lines

with apologies to Abbey Road

the sun so hot it could’a fried an egg on your shoulder

in another time or dimension zone we might of

met steel to flesh and bone

followed by a miraculous recovery  

her keeping vigil by my bedside

(though I still walk with a limp to this day)

down the line that son of our’s started

a religious group

against our advise

but what are you going to do

with the youth of today?

-they crucified him online

‘cause love’s been out of fashion for a long long time

as it was we were a near miss

though I keep a bag packed with some medical supplies

just for this type of occurrence

close only counts in fiction and for Marie Antoinette

-oh it's her again