Out of Time

time, gentleman

time’s up

no, not like that

when I say

out of time

it’s only a sigh

for a reverting reversal

you know good and well the music was better

or so claim the deaf/dumb/blind

aged surgically graceful and grateful  

like somebody forgot to cancel

their postage stamp and they got re-sent

for free

Out of Time  

The Rolling Stones in 1966

what about those classical composers

nicking folk songs and using them

to fill the great concert halls

so the burghers could ostinate and their wives could swoon?

-they didn’t allow children with their spit-wads and chewing gum in back then

that son-of-a-gun Ludwig van -179 folksong ‘arrangements’

-for the further generation’s benefit he benevolently evidently said   

now the game is taking our barbaric idiot ancestors’ horrific totally unacceptable past offenses  

cramming them into these modern officially mandated sensibilities

the nerve of them and that rascal Andrew Jackson

-strike him from the 20 dollar bill!

rescind his tainted presidency!

accordingly it may be appropriate to appropriate

‘you’re obsolete my baby

my poor old fashioned baby

I said baby baby baby you’re out of time’

for the AI dead culture consumers of Tomorrowland