Storm Drain

agreeing (seemingly) is not capitulation

it’s a lubricant for sticky gears and odd situations

when another battle should be picked

dang if you’d just agree with me, sometimes

like I do for you, almost always

it would make everything easier

that’s what I truly believe

but you don’t have to

as if kneeling in a pew could convert you though

if only some of what they’re saying

turns out to be true

look out

if you don’t agree with me

at least don’t mix it up with them

Big Bad Religion

you can only wipe the tears from your eyes

so many times

till they run red with the tide

it’s nothing personal but the faithful

will not be denied

they sweep up any old thing in their path turning


casting aside

casting out

running down down down

plunk dunk into the storm drain

when you could have been saved