The Roundup

I got upside down to try to understand

why you were standing on your head


I went crossways and crooked

incapable of straight

acting like somebody who never met a drink, pill

or vapor they didn’t like

for months on end over end

incredibly the creative impulse impasse

that log jam of the mind went boom!

now oh mighty river how it flows and it follows

right then you decide to bugger off

you’re excellent at goodbye

employing a minimalist approach

the spread open diary on the coffee table

arranged right next to the remote

the roundup of stray vegetables on the cutting board like they were to blame

I’ve seen more, much more but that will suffice

don’t forget to wave hi when we pass on the avenue when I’ve got Phoebe on my arm and nothing left to lose

I’ve got at least three novels full -a sweet bitterness herd of cattle to drive ahead along the Synanon Trail on my way to meet the Goddess of Universal Acclaim

her brother Big Fat Payday

don’t forget to read the opening dedication

you may recognize someone there

she never really liked you that much