Artemis' arrows slicing the heavens

a rogue Fokker

slaloms the crab-nebula

breathing easy under a blue-burst sky

Abe abandoned the farm just before dawn

heading due east from Votaw, Kanas

whisting on his the way to old Hong Kong

remember when Derry & Alphas'

honeymoon mystery arson RV

broke big across the county

on Murder TV?

it’s a lonely Metropolitan Opera lock up

when your Zigfield girl leaves her

Black Star sneakers on the commissary roof

hopscotching barefoot easy as a breeze

buster out once for luck

blunder-buss for the rest

lazy lovers

ya’ better without ‘em

lazy maybe’s

who has the time?

lazy poetry

plenty to go around

Count Chocula

The Princess of Wales

The Under Assistant East Coast Radio Promotion Man

The President of the United States