Where is America?  

I was having tea with Marie Antoinette

there was plenty of brie & cake as you might bet

she was concerned about Madame Curie

she looks a shell of herself

how can that be?

then there’s the rabble

threatening to storm the walls of Disney

such sad amusements I’ve never seen

the politics so bruising

ah sacrebleu!

it seems once again

I have misplaced my Louie

she sighed

all these beautiful things





I ask you Mon’Amie

where is France?

I love the islands

around the Aegean Sea

warm and blue

covered in the mists of


but when I got to the Acropolis

I was told the Gods had packed up and gone home

so I hailed a cab

hopped a plane to Rome

the Iliad the Odyssey

the golden fleece

can anybody tell me

where is Greece?

I had to go to Urgent Care

with a slight concussion

when I asked a policeman in Red Square

where was Russia?

i didn’t mean anything wrong

I was thinking about that Beatles song

I don’t mind suffering for love love love

kind sir can you tell me

where is Russia?

I knew right then I needed

to get back home

but dear me

the saints be blessed!

I believe they've misplaced