Seafoam Green

we're easy down along the sand

me and her

across a renegade land

I don't ask why

it's out of my hands

some things mere mortals

aren't ment to understand

here's the thing nobody says

here's the part that no one admits

this world is stuffed with miracles

believe me it is

now V, she likes to play the ponys

she can handicap the odds

when she hits the tables

I tag along

for luck

'cause luck  is my middle name

I can't think of any other way

to explain

her and me

come on Ven

the sun's on the horizon

and the wind is blowing free

come on girl

it's just you



how we met?

you were stepping out of your shell

and I got drenched

helping you

onto the beach

you and me

in the seafoam green