The Mademoiselle From Marseille

if there were no stars in the sky

it would be alright

I don't need stars for a guide

if the winds have been bought and sold

I don't need them to push me back home

just one wave to take you

one thought to make you

not fade away

half way around the world

half way around the year

the Mademoiselle from Marseille

from Marseille to here

they used to say there was life on Mars

they used to whisper so the Gods wouldn't hear

now everyone knows everything

but I still look up at the clouds and I dream

for the Mademoiselle is a mystery

a sweet mystery to me

too alive for a memory

along the midday waterfront

I'm losing my way

one month

two hours

three days

I know yet I hope anyway

the Mademoiselle she has taken to the country

the Mademoiselle she has taken to the sea

the Mademoiselle, she

has taken something from me

reason is

a poor relation to desire

outside the hours idle

dreaming of the fire

the Mademoiselle  has taken to the country

Mademoiselle taken to the sea


you have taken something from me